Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fathomless pit of Love

My lover had died, he's gone from me,
My lover has died yet he still walks free,
My lover has died and life is pain,
My lover has died yet his life remains.

How does love that runs so deep,
lose affection so we can not sleep,
How does love that consumes our soul,
get lost and die in one not all.

My souls has broken, in bit's it lies,
My souls is shattered, crippled, crushed, fragmentalised.
How will it ever repair, be shiny and whole,
when will the tears give way to joy in my soul.

The pain of death is the same world over,
but death comes in a legion of ways,
multitude death, the heart feels the same.

Oh when can I stop pretending, when will this end,
when will I believe what I tell myself, others what they want to hear.
When will the lies stop hurting, when will I be free,
when the world becomes still of me, or will you let it be.

To be so happy with a heart that sings, soul that dances,
feeling loved, free, wanted, needed.
This death tells my brain your useless, unlovable, with a joyless soul.
You are too ugly for love, no more happy soul, no dancing, laughing or singing for you.
Your defective, inadequate, found wanting, a failure of all.

To my God I cry, my creator, my saviour, he that I trust,
help me heal, put me back together, strong and true, whole and real.
Heal the deep cavern, fill the emptiness, let it be real,
Fill me with joy, to be happy and light,
bring me love, real, deep, whole and true.

Give me a lover that will fill me with trust,
bring me peace, make me feel beautiful.
Give me a lover who'll wipe away my tears, replace them with smiles,
bring a shine to my eyes, spring in my soul.

A love that lasts, goes deep, remains,
A fathomless pit of love