Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Am I a Contradiction of Self" ?

Passive, yet assertive, happy yet sad.
Deep & serious, yet flirty & outgoing.
Can you put me in a box & tie me with string, I think not.
Can you label me & judge me, you don't know me!

A many faceted jewel in a setting of pure gold,
robed in purple silk with the crown of a princess.

Can you find my treasure, will you look, dig deep, explore my depths?
Will you gain my love deep as an ocean, honest as the dawn.
Not by pillage & plunder, do not run amok!

I am a rarity, uncommon in my preciousness,
I have value & worth.
Keep me rapt, enchanted,
Help me develop & bloom.

My contradictions will inspire you.
You will find me erotic,
will desire my sensuality,
and long for my carnal knowledge.

So seek me when you find me,
seek & find BLISS