Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Beacon For All To See

A beacon of light seen from the throne room.
There I am dressed in Purple, alight with love for you,
your precious places of treasure opened to me, to us.

Hidden for so long, oppressed & damaged,
we can only imagine.

Your peaks & valleys lovely in their graciousness,
wondrous in our sight.

 Hidden from light the darkness was upon you.
Imprisoned, held back, your beloved suffering in their plight.

Struggling towards the light, trying to hold tight, hold true.
Fed lies by the liar of all time.
Distracted, dislocated, dismembered, disemboweled,
she had you in her grip.

Some see only your sadness, but we feel your joy.

Today you stand,
proud, cloaked in gold, set high on your standard,
your beauty up for all to see

In time you will heal, for now, recoup, count your blessings.
Your lovers are increasing, your preciousness a wonder in their sight.
They behold you, exalt you.

Your beauty is limitless, dressed in the colours of Gods palette,
they adorn you.
Your music is magical bird song, the sound of angels.
You will recover & grow, heal & develop.

Bulgaria, you are holy & blessed in his sight.