Friday, 14 October 2011

Lies & Deceit

When your lying in bed,
listening to things in your head
lies & deceit, is all that you'll meet.

Listen & learn, all the things that you've said
The lies that you've spread.
Karma is listening, awaiting her errand,
she hears, your mouth has spoken,
be afraid, your reward shall be great.

Your rope has hung you.
Your heart has betrayed you.
Your evil has devoured you.

When you are willing to sow seeds of deceit, of decent,
the fruit you eat will be rotten,
fowl as the vitriol you spew forth, landing where it will.
No thought of the hearts of others!

Assassinator of characters,
sorry I am, blind you are.

Silly woman, don't you know?
Love would soften you, give you peace
leave you wanting others best,
Love, would save you!