Friday, 6 May 2011

Who Do We See?

You see, a naughty child.
I see a broken toddler, abandoned, unloved & rejected for something better.
You see, an attention seeker.
I see a lonely child, wanting cuddles, hugs, love & acceptance.
You see, a troublesome teen.
I see a rejected adolescent, not understanding their place in life, not knowing where to go, what to do. needing love.
A child searching for something, safety, security, love.

You see, a stroppy person.
I see a someone fighting rejection, fighting for survival, fighting for love.
You see, an angry person.
I see a devastated person who's soul has been betrayed & broken.
You see, a person who is controlling.
I see someone who is fighting to be listened to & heard.
You see, an emotional person.
I see a someone who gives love & feels the pain of others.
Who listens & wants the same.
You see the symptoms, I see the cause.
You see, you don't know me!