Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Why, Why, Why?

Why don't you see me now?
Why did you lie?
Why can't you love me now?
Why deceive & destroy?

Why don't you care anymore?
Why no respect?
Why do you ignore me now?
Why have you gone deaf?

Why am I ugly to you?
Why am I thick?
Why won't you speak to me?
Why do I feel sick?

Why is everything I say stupid to you?
Why don't you answer?
Why do you disrespect me so?
Why, why, why?
Why do you upset me ?
Why destroy my life?
Why do you mislead me now?
Why, why, why?

Why am I concerned with you?
Why do I struggle?
Why do my words not reach your ears?
Why, why, why?

Why did I ever trust you?
Why when I knew?
Why did I open to you?
Why, why, why?

Why am I so obtuse?
Why do I get so used?
Why did I ever believe in you?
Why, why, why?

Why do I cry now?
Why the angry tears?
Why have you broken my heart?