Monday, 10 December 2012

He, Bohemian Man, (Erotica Coffee Break Short Story)

He sat staring into space, he just wasn't sure, couldn't settle his mind on anything lately. Nope, he just wasn't sure!
He decided to go and just see what would happen, what could be the harm?

Right, that sorted he could now relax back and soak up some some winter sun, warm through the glass.
He was a happy man, happy within himself, ordinary, in an unusual way. His style was bohemian, laid back, quiet, in a very colourful way. People thought of him as an introvert but actually he was an extrovert. He didn't advertise that fact, only people he was very comfortable with discovered that side of him. His last wife bought it out of him, she was a bohemian at heart and from a very staid person he blossomed. He loved her, still missed her, he was lonely.

Logging on later that day he found her. She was a little younger than him, well 30 yrs but what does that matter these days? It was quite good for him really as he likes to be in control, although that's another trait he will keep under wraps, for a while anyway.
She was attractive, slender with short blond hair and big blue eyes. She had been a worker all her life and had no children, he wondered about this. Wondered why she had never had kids, but assumed it was because she was career minded.

She was well travelled and loved Asia, just as he did, they had that in common at least. He thought she would like his home, who wouldn't? He lived in a large house with all the latest gadgets, a huge up to the minuet kitchen that any chef would love, let alone a woman, There a swimming pool that was both outside in the summer and inside in winter, thanks to a very clever mechanical glass enclosure.
Yes he was a catch, in the material sense, wasn't hard up in the finance stakes either. He loved life, loved living and only drank socially in moderation.
His children were grown, living with partners, had children and lives of their own. He saw them, loved spending time with them, but he was lonely.
He chatted on line with her for over an hour, made arrangements to meet later that day, then made himself some lunch. He was bored, bored and lonely on his own. He had everything he could ever wish for, except.....

The afternoon went slowly. Loneliness is a terrible feeling that engulfed his whole being, swimming in the pool on his own was great up to a point, so he swam  and swam till he exhausted himself, then he sat on the steps just enjoying the fact that he, HE, had a pool. He never got used to that, having......

The pool was what his wife had always dreamed of, she would have adored this, would have felt she was in heaven on earth. BBQ's in the evenings whilst relaxing over a glass of wine with friends.
Jessica, oh how he missed her, her laughter was infectious as was she. Jess would have spent every day in the pool, especially as now they could pay a housekeeper to look after the house and a gardener to look after the property. Although Jess loved cooking, it was her passion, she loved nothing more than to have people over for dinner, to cook them relaxed meals with filthy desserts, yes she would have been in Heaven in his kitchen, she never had a proper kitchen of her own! Still she laid on a good meal. Oh how he missed his wife, the last one.
He had many wives in the past but best keep that under wraps for the time being!

She was smiling, yes tonight she may take it to another level, he seemed shy and quieter than her normal conquests, it made a change. Normally they liked to be in control, but he seemed to like her to do all the talking. This suited her as she liked to hold the reigns of any relationship, without them realising off course.
She had a good teacher in her mother, the way she handled all the men that came into their lives. She had so many uncles she had lost count from the age of three!
She laughed out loud at these thoughts, oh men, they were so easy, led by their human desires, all thought going out of the window once they had tasted what she offered and she was a good actress so they always thought they were special.
She would dress very carefully tonight. He didn't stand a chance.
Even mum had not hit the jackpot like she had! This one was rich, rich AND lonely, a powerful combination and one she was sure would be easily led down the aisle!!!
Oh and down the aisle she intended to go with him, once she had made up her mind they never stood a chance, so easily led were the lonely hearted men. She had many a husband in the past, but best keep that little bit of information under wraps for the time being, didn't want to frighten him off.........

The night air was scented with the flowers from the aromatic tree's it was like a wonderfully exotic perfume. The night was balmy with a lovely warm breeze and the air felt light, not as heavy as the last week or so, just perfect for a romantic dinner overlooking the harbour.
The lights twinkled, in the distance was the odd flash from the lighthouse. The smells wafting over them were heavenly.
He still couldn't get used to the fact that he had all this in his reach, life was so much better with money. OK so it couldn't buy you true love or health but it sure could make you happy and very ,very secure!
It was great being able to have whatever he wanted as he really didn't "need" for anything now and he loved to help others, so, when he was on to the next great bit of "must have technology" he passed on the precursor, which sometimes was just a couple of months old. He never sold them on as why would he, he gave to people who could never afford to buy these things, it gave him a kick.
Jess would have loved him for it, she would have done just the same, probably more.
He loved to post gifts of money to unsuspecting friends and people in his community, just to help out with a bill, a debt or just as a treat. Anonymously off course. He loved the treats most of all.
He was very generous, little could anyone guess.
All these thoughts were running through his mind, bringing a smile to his lips, making her think he was immersed in what she was saying. All the time her mouth did not stop moving.

They had a wonderfully expensive meal, she was going to get used to this very quickly, she hated cooking, in fact she couldn't boil an egg, let alone cook a meal. He didn't know that yet, time enough for that little revelation.
She was already planning where she would have the wedding, and the very, very long honeymoon, chasing the sun on a Caribbean cruise in a fully staffed private yacht, swimming in little coves, oh it would be so wonderful. Now all she had to do was make him feel like he couldn't live without her.
She placed her hand on his knee and gently rubbed it, just for a moment.
She picked at her food, couldn't afford to gain weight, her figure was perfect but the price for this was feeling starved all the time. She wished she could eat and expel like some of her gold digging friends but she hated the throwing up process, was phobic, so she suffered in a different way.

He hated that she never ate properly, she thought he didn't notice but he and Jess used to laugh at the scrawny women who pushed their food around hiding it under lettuce. They became experts at watching them. Jess loved food as did he.

He supposed he was going to invite her back tonight, it was a little scary for him and he really wasn't into her now, this meal was sort of putting him off. Now that voluptuous waitress was gorgeous and had given him a funny feeling in his tummy. She sachayed in a tight calf length shift dress, which whispered a promise of sexual freedom, love and intimacy. He liked that, loved to watch her walk, surreptitiously off course. She caught him looking and smiled a secret smile eyes twinkling. She had long very dark hair, minimal make up and lips of lusciousness.
He broke into her constant twittering, made an excuse and went to the rest room, passing miss luscious, she smiled.
He made a decision and after apologising for being forward, asked miss luscious if she would like to go for a drink after work, or the next day. Luscious lady said she would love to after work. So he made arrangements then went back to her. She was making eye contact with some guy at another table, crossing and uncrossing her legs giving the guy a little flash of magic while stroking her hair unconsciously.  He thought what a pair of numpty's they were, not suited at all. He explained he was feeling unwell, would she mind if they left.

They made their way back to his house, she marvelled at its large exterior. It was in the most amazing gardens, in the midst of the countryside. She loved the huge expanse of it but thought they would have to move as she did not like the countryside. She was a townie, born and bred! She nearly had kittens when she saw the size of the pool with the waterfall at one end and a jacuzzi at the other, wow this was money. Inside she was screaming with joy outwardly she cooed in a sexy, she thought, way.

She asked what was he doing behind the tree's? There was a line of fragrant tree's a bit like a wooded area behind the pool. He told her all about the quiet spiritual gardens he was building, promising to show her, after he had shown her around the house. He was sure she would love it as it was a very peaceful place with statues of Buddha, water falls flowing over rocks, trickling brooks, fragrant flowers and thickly soft large beds with canopies of lace. She couldn't wait as the promise was full of sexual suggestion, she was excited, felt the moistness between her thigh's. She was ready and would surely entrap him with her sexuality. She loved sex, the hornier the better, lots of energy, lots of deep down dirty moves, lots and lots of oral (on her off course) and tons of kissing. She really hoped he was good and dirty as she would prefer not to go out trawling for men on the side!

He was building up in excitement, tense, getting hot. His senses heightened, even his skin felt like if she touched him he would orgasm.
What a turn around this evening had been, his future path changed, thankfully, and he was going to indulge in his secret passion. He was excited beyond belief and hornier than hell!

The house was silent, with soft romantic lighting, she could not help but be impressed.
His taste in furnishing was immaculate, she wondered if he was a closet queen, or maybe he was sexually ignited by both women and men? No she decided she could tell but to have this good a taste in furnishings???
The over all sense was calm, sensual, warm. The bedroom was amazing with soft greens, creams and golds, a huge bed and enormous walk in closet dressing room.
There were bedrooms and bathrooms galore a huge Orangery with soft comfy sofas Orange and Lemon  tree's, ferns and palms. It was a beautiful house, she was going to be very happy here until they moved, she would have to start looking for the right property right away!

He took her out to the spiritual garden, a bottle of champagne and two glasses in hand. Teddy Pendergrass, "Come go with me", was playing in the background Slow, sexy, soulful and very apt.
He put the champagne and glasses by the bed. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and swayed to the music.

She felt a rush of sexual pleasure throughout her body starting from her tummy, darting to her brain and down into her legs making her weak. She collapsed into his body as his hands caressed her from behind. She couldn't see him, just feel, oh it was soooo good, sexy and very, very hot. She wasn't sure if she could stop herself ripping his clothes off, throwing him on the floor and jumping on him.

His hands felt like fire slowly moving over her body. One reached her nipple while the other found her clitoris, she nearly exploded on the spot.
Teddy was singing and he had to admit he was really getting into this. He was so aroused, well it had been a very long time. His erection was huge and he needed to release himself from the confines of his clothing, so with one hand he gently bent her over while he unzipped himself.

She had on no underwear, well she had no need for it and it made men hot, they all watched her so why not give them something to look at, subtly off course. She was so glad there was nothing in the way. She was close to orgasm, and knew it would just be the first of the night, wow she didn't plan on it being this good! She parted her legs and immediately his fingers were given more room to explore bringing her to a climax of body shuddering proportions, she collapsed over onto the bed the throbbing of the orgasm and feeling of ecstasy making her weak.

He was sooooo tempted to just slam into her, she had on no knickers and he could see her clearly, her bottom, as she collapsed onto the bed, was raised toward him, but he was determined to savour the moment, it had been so very long. Just then Teddy started to sing "I miss you" and his thoughts wandered to his wife.
They had GREAT sex, nothing had ever compared to what they had between them. They always said it was love, their chemistry was so compatible that it was amazing.
Jess!!!!! How he loved her, how she loved him licking her. Jess always said how amazing he was, no one had been anywhere near as good as he. He remembered her smell, her touch, and as he bent to indulge in what he too loved to do, that was the secret, you had to love it to be that good, he was thinking of his Jess.

She groaned loudly. His hands were on her bottom which had pushed up and out towards him, he was opening her up and stroking, licking her in places she would not have imagined, oh it was so good, she was so hot! His tongue found her clitoris and he licked gently but firmly, sucked and licked like he was enjoying every second, stroked while putting his tongue inside  sucking. Her juices were running which made it all the more hot. She was sweating breathing heavily, groaning trying not to scream out with the passion of it.

He was enjoying himself with his Jess again, feeling every dark private place and tasting, mmmm her juiciness, she was so wet, he wanted to be inside her but he was enjoying the build up. He could feel her body stiffening getting close to erupting, he took her nipples between his fingers and gently fondled them. That was it, her body arched, she cried out in her passion and he had to hold on tight.

She was arching her back in what was the best orgasm of her life. Her whole body had gone into the spasm and she could hear herself screaming, nothing she could do......

He could feel her throbbing spasms. So far he had not been touched, which suited him, he didn't need that from her, he had miss Luscious, maybe.

She had never felt this depth of ecstasy before, revelled in it's painful pleasure. She was not aware of his stroking of her neck, was not aware of his erection pressing into her, his big strong hands enclosing her neck.

He body was stiff with anticipation, he was at the point of no return and thinking of the pleasure was too much.
He started to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, her body suddenly went stiff as she became aware of something going wrong. His erection grew harder.

She was aware, something was not right , what was it? what was happening to her?  Then as the pain of trying to breath and the bones in her neck started to break, she knew, he had got to her first.