Saturday, 19 October 2013


Giving gifts over spending,
working hard over eating,
having fun over drinking,
dressing up over doing.

Woolen socks, embroidered names,
sacks and pillows, excitement reigns.

Waking up stockings bulging,
bucks fizz bacon grilling

Laughing smilling, hugging kissing,
playing cuddling, singing twisting.

Twinkling  homes warm and comfy,
aromatic roasting, Mmm, mummy's tummy's rumbly,

Fairy wands, fairy wings, boots and boxes garlands and things

Mulled wine and confection, Nuts and raisins, celebrations.
Brussels nestling with chestnuts, pigs snuggled in their blankets
Turkey crowns proud & true, ducks crispy just for you,
roasties calling all to sit, Pudding plonking, argh that's it!

Presents glitzing under tree calling, calling just for meeeeeeeee
Family, children, friends and neighbours fellowships and coming together's,

Loving the day but remembering the why,
Jesus the name we call from the sky,
Thanking for birth amd salvation,
celebration of love Christ's gift to earth,
The real reason why we celebrate Christmas, round the hearth